Official Electronic Press Kit

Josh Sheehy

Vocals, Production, Launchpad

Colin Hemphill

Guitars, Keys, Production, Video Game Controllers

About the Band

dot.darkness is currently located somewhere in Texas, bouncing between Austin, College Station, Waco, and/or DFW. The duo builds on an electronic canvas with sexy live vocals and electric guitars. Formed in Nashville, TN in 2011, these Computer Scientists took Josh's background as an electronic producer and Colin's former life as a rock star and put together something that sounded kind like both of those things, and a little like neither of them. Drawing on influences from classic video games, 80's style electronica, alternative rock, and post-rock, dot.darkness has developed a style that is passionate, nerdy, and fun.

Famous People Think We're Cool I Guess

Our music has piqued the interest of several well-known artists. In April 2011, our cover of "The Future Soon" led the Internet superstar Jonathan Coulton to tweet the following:

In January of 2013, British producer Jon Gooch (of Feed Me, Spor) fell in love with our cover of his track "Death by Robot":

Contact Information


Phone: 512.584.4348

Promotional materials

Images for use on your fliers, posters, and web addresses. The first ZIP file contains vector and transparent PNG varieties of the band's logos, as well as pre-rastered "white logo on black background" PNG files. The second contains dopey photographs of Josh and Colin as well as their pixelized selves.

Stage Specs

dot.darkness has all of these things available, and can bring them if necessary. The only thing we absolutely require onsite is a PA system with sufficient line (1/4" TRS) and mic inputs.

Standard Setup

  1. Josh's Lead Vox (microphone + boom)
  2. Colin's BGV (microphone + boom)
  3. Josh's Laptop (stereo DI)
  4. Electric Guitar (miked amplifier)